CP Neon Grip 430

CP Neon Grip 430


The CP Grip 430 gloves combine excellent cut and puncture protection with premier grip performance. These string knit nylon gloves are coated on the palms and fingers with polyurethane making it a great option for wet or oily environments. The gloves feature 2 plies of our patented CP material as it offers superior cut and puncture resistance on the palm of the hands extending to the fingertips.

The advanced protection the CP Grip 430 offers makes it an ideal solution for workers dealing with high exposure to hypodermic needles and other dangerous sharps. The gloves are great for hospital laundry, sharps handling, glass handling, and many other dangerous applications. Another great attribute is since the Grip 430 is constructed out of a light nylon shell it is a very lightweight and breathable PPE option. Available in sizes Sm through XL.
Products specifications

  • ANSI/ISEA 105 Cut Level (ASTM F 1790-97 or -05)- 5
  • Modified ASTM F 1342 Scalpel Cut Levels WMI- 5
  • Modified ASTM F 1342 Scalpel Cut Levels WMI- 5
  • NIJ 99-144 “Small Nail” ASTM F 1342 Puncture Resistance Levels- 3
  • ANSI/ISEA Puncture Level for “Large Nail”- 4
  • EN388 “Large Nail” Puncture Levels- 4


For jobs requiring advanced protection against sharp threats.

CP Neon Grip 430
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Glove Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


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