Safety Equipment Agencies employees have had many years experience in providing high quality safety related products for special needs.

We provide workers in hazardous environments with the best possible safety equipment and advise to protect the user from the hazard.

We believe that training and education is an important part of supplying quality products. This would ensure the user has the correct information to use, wear and maintain the equipment correctly in order to safeguard his or her health, well-being and lifestyle, both at work and at home.

The instilment of knowledge in users has two major effects; firstly, a deeper understanding of the role safety equipment plays, and therefore its necessity to use, and secondly, competence in using and maintaining the equipment in the prescribed way.

Safety Equipment Agencies, together with the companies and manufacturers we represent, are leaders in our chosen field, and will continue to reinforce this by adhering to our strong ethics of correctness at all times with the advise and the quality of products represented.

Safety Equipment Agencies is committed to providing excellent advise and service to customers, ensuring the right product is supplied to protect users from hazards in the workplace.

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